Thursday Night Gemutlichkeit

  • 22 Jul 2021
  • 5:30 PM - 11:00 PM
  • 543 S Front St

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Thursday Gemütlichkeit

This week, we welcome guest chef Daniel Kern back to the kitchen. Daniel will be preparing Königsberger klopse mit hausgemachten Spätzle auf Daniel’s Art. And, of course, we'll have bratwurst!

The featured entree with side is just $10.00 or Bratwurst basket is $8. 

Königsberger Klopse: The traditional white sauce meatballs

Germans love their meats and that is quite a well-known fact. They sing songs about the different varieties of meats, use it in parables, stories and the one thing that they adore the most and are proud of.

Germany has had a long tradition and history of cooking meat and eating meat. Königsberger Klopse began as a speciality from the once long standing Prussian Empire. It was named after the city of Königsberg which fell at the destruction of World War II. When the Russian occupation of the city came they renamed the city as Kaliningrad. Then when the German Democratic Republic was formulated the name of the dish was redone as Kochklopse. Kochklopse when translated becomes boiled meatballs. Its popularity gained prominence in the Baltic countries and the Province of Posen.

Culinary historians have shown that grounded meat was introduced into the German diet only 200 years ago and the recipe of Königsberger Klopse there on was developed. You can also find the same dish with slight amount of variations throughout the many regions of Germany and Europe at large. The recipe initially used thin pieces of meat similar to the Wiener Schnitzel. It used to be cooked in tangy and creamy sauces. It is known to have originated formally at the hands of a cook who belonged to one of the merchant families at Königsberg. From then onwards Königsberger Klopse has become a German favourite which is served on all sorts of special occasions like this Thursday at Germania. 

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