Radfahrverein (Bicycle Club)

The bicycle club is open to anyone who enjoys cycling.  Whether you’d like to ride a mile or 30 miles.  Each ride is designed with flexibility for all cyclists.  We typically meet once a month from May through September. Each ride will end with a gathering for a bite to eat.  Sometimes we have a potluck or meet at the club for brats and beer, or it could be ice cream.

Schützenverein (Indoor Air Gun Club)

The Airgun Club meets monthly at Germania the third Thursday at 7PM. With member growth, we’ll add events. As an indoor club we shoot rain or shine; only snow might cancel an event.

The Germania bar opens 6 PM; we typically have a bratwurst and a beverage before starting practice at 7PM .We practice and chat for an hour using the personal and club air rifles and air pistols.

The range has an automated scoring system and 8 shooting lanes. Note that you need not have your own airgun or supplies; the club has quality airguns for all to use. Just bring a steady hand!

CONTACT: AirgunClub@GermaniaColumbus.org for more information and to be placed on our email announcement list. Occasionally we open the range on additional evenings, practices, and we sometimes compete against other clubs.

MEMBERS: The club members include gunsmiths, collectors, outdoor airgun enthusiasts, hunters (including airgun hunters) and folks that just want to have fun on a Thursday evening. There is no gender differentiation, however, one must be 18 years old.  Guests and new members are expected.

SHOOTING TRADITION: For centuries Europeans rewarded their marksmen. Each area had protection for their families and their village. Clubs formed to ensure the marksman traditions. Today the 15,000 shooting clubs (Schützenverein) in Germany are largest single organized group. In Hannover Germany, the shooting club has over 5,000 members. 


Volkstänzer (Folk Dancing)

The folk dance group meets to teach folk dances from the different areas of Germany, whether it is a Polka, Waltz, Zwiefacher, Ländler or perhaps a Schuhplatter.  It’s all fun and great exercise.  We teach others how to dance and the group is invited to dance at many festivals throughout the year at many central Ohio venues.

Sprachunterricht (Language Instruction)

The Germania offers German Language classes on occasion to help those who want to brush up on their German.  Or for those who would like to learn some basic German, especially if they might be going to Germany for a fabulous trip.

Fechtverein (Fencing Club)

This new activity at the Germania continues to expand our traditional German sport offerings for our members.  This intense activity with attacks, lunges and feints will surely keep you on  your toes.  Then you can relax with a bier.


fencing vid.mp4

Fußball (Soccer)

The Germania has a long history when it comes to soccer.  In 1926, the Germania Soccer Team and the Columbus Kickers Soccer Team joined together to become the Germania/Kickers Soccer Team; and for over 50 years won many tournaments in Central Ohio. 

With soccer becoming a very popular sport in the United States, soccer has once again become very important for the club.

Kochunterricht (Cooking class)

Do you love eating German food and wish you could cook it at home?  Then this class is for you!  German food is not just Bratwurst!  We offer German regional cooking classes so that you can learn to enjoy cooking German food at home.  Learn to cook Bavarian or Sachsen or Hessen Food just to name a few.


Germania Choirs

The Germania has been singing for over 100 years, continuing in the strong German tradition of song.  The choirs of the Germania consist of the Männerchor (Men’s Chorus), the Damenchor (Women’s Chorus) and the combined group, known as the Gemischter Chor.

The choirs typically rehearse on Thursday evening beginning at 7:30 p.m.  The majority of our music consists of German Folk Music, however, we do sing the classics from Bach, Beethoveen and Brahms; of course Schubert and others.  We sing contemporary music from Germany and Gospel too!

We are always looking for new singers to join us.  You don’t have to speak German to sing with us either, most of our singers don’t.  So come down on Thursday’s and join in the fun.  There is always bier available in the bar too.

Hauskapelle (House Band)

Our own “Hauskapelle” or house band provides music at many of our events – public or private.  This band is made up of many brass and woodwind instruments.  They play great German music that you would hear at the Oktoberfest in Germany (or at Germania’s Oktoberfest).  If you have any interest in playing in our band, please contact us at Info@germaniacolumbus.org.
Bier Kameraden

Beer has been the center of German culture for centuries, and at the Germania we have a special group that combines the history, culture with current craft brewery offerings.  We meet socially  to sample, taste and share all things beer.  The group has responsibilities for beer selection,  merchandising  and operations too. 

The bier kameraden hosts the ever popular wing nights, we have had blind beer tasting competitions, and have had multiple local guest brewers.   

Come to one of our “meetings” where you can get to know other members, learn something, experience gemutlichkeit while enjoying a beer!  Get involved as we start planning our next adventure, a day bus trip to…..?


Upcoming events



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