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We are Germania Singing and Sport Society. Since 1866 we have been preserving German culture through song, sport, and food and drink. We are the home of the original Oktoberfest in Columbus Ohio.

The Germania Society, when founded in 1866, was really an association of Turners (Gymnasts). For quite a few years the exercise activity took place in one of the Schiller Park Buildings. In late 19th century the Turners merged with the Germania Gesang Verein.

Originally the Germania provided a home for new immigrants to feel welcomed and socialize while learning the new language of their adopted land. Over the years the Germania has made it its mission to retain, promote and disseminate all that is good about German culture. A major component of this mission is the practice and performance of German song. Our choruses participate and support public events throughout the year in appreciation for the community’s support.

Other activities of our membership includes: Folk Dancing, Lanuage classes, the Accordion club, Bicycling and Soccer, just to name a few.

The strength of the Germania is in the quality of its membership. Our members, coming from all walks of life are generous with their support. Our society prospers under the guidance of gifted and dedicated members.

Come and join our association of friends! For inquiries, see our “Contact” page.

Am Tage erfuden, geschafft und gedacht. Des Abends gesungen, gescherzt und gelacht.

If you'd like to attend our club events but aren't a member or a guest of one, email us for information on options.

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