March Board Meeting

  • 2 Mar 2021
  • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • 543 S Front St

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    This Meeting is open to the current membership and all directors. Social distancing rules apply and you must wear a mask. Meeting starts at 6:30pm. 


    Secretary’s Minutes – 2/2/21

    President’s Report – Mark Pinnick

                Review of 2019 and 2020 events profit/loss

                Team Volunteers

                Parking pass applications

                Code of Conduct

    Team Reports:

    1. Finance Team – Deb Korting 

    Action:  Motion to approve. (See attached report) 

    2. Activity Team:  Eric Chivington and Dhuey Cronk

    90/60/30 approach

    90 Days: Planning Phase

    -Event theme/goal


    -Group Sponsorship/Management


    60 Days: Implement Phase

    -Volunteer recruitment

    -Budget level

    -Ordering of items

    30 Days: Execution Phase

    -Volunteer placements

    -Entertainment confirmation

    -Week of Event

    -Day of Event GO TIME!! 

    -After event debrief

    3.  Membership Team:  Lara Furukawa and Carolyn Martin

    Germania has 193 active members, which include people who have renewed and people who have joined in the past year who are not due for renewal until a future date or who have renewed.  (includes 8 free memberships)

    Potential members in Wild Apricot ad continued renewal drive:

    There are 212 entries in WA who have not renewed.  All of these have been members in the past at some point, but many have not paid in several years, due to differences in how records were kept.


    These contacts are continuing to renew at a steady rate.  (33 in the past 2 weeks) We are continuing to reach out.

    Removing old contacts:

    At this time, the plan to move contacts who have not renewed by March 31, 2021 to the archive and discontinue contacting them to renew their membership.  Archived contacts can be pulled back into active statue, and do not count against our current 500 contact limit.

    How can you help:

    If you are a WA administrator, please go to “contacts” and “saved searches” and select “lapsed”.  (you can also run a simple search with “lapsed” as keywork if you are familiar.   Please contact anyone on that list that you would like to encourage to renew.  If you do not use WA, let Lara know and she will send you a current list with the info you want (email, phone, etc.)


    Motion to approve:  New applicants:  Ryan Cronk, T.J. Duda, James Goodall, and Frank Resch. 

    Motion to approve:  Interim Membership Policy and Procedures Suspense:  May 2, 2021 (allows time to review and bring questions to next 2 meetings)

    Motion to approve:  Germania Recommended Membership Prices for 2021 and 2022.

    4. Communications Team:  Mark Pinnick and Lara Furukawa

    Met 2/21 to discuss the communication team direction.

    Recommend that we continue to have the weekly Monday Blitz, a monthly letter from the President, and a quarterly newsletter which is sent out to the membership.

    A meeting will be setup with Sam, Deb, Mark, Lara and Eric to discuss the website. (not completed yet)

    Wild Apricot training for communicating with the membership.

    5. Business Operations Team:  Bob Traphagan

                Nothing new to report.

    6. House Team:   Ryan Cupp and Billy Taylor

  • -       Furnace for the rehearsal room has been repaired.
  • -       Team installed 4 small can lights above the dart boards.
  • -       Team replaced a light switch in the new hall.
  • -       Team repaired leaking sink drain behind the bar.
  • -       Week of March 1, the team will be repairing the plumbing in the upstairs bathroom and installing a new floor.
  • -       The club does not have any smoke/CO2 detectors.  Team will be installing temporary detectors and researching monitoring companies.
  • Action items from 2/2:

                Concrete wall committee needs to meet to decide on a proposal to fix the wall.  Status:  ongoing



    Need Motion to approve/disapprove:

  • 1.     Handoff of Wild Apricot to Germania
  • 2.    Fish Fry Go or No Go
  • 3.    March 25 Charity Function with Saucy and Leukemia Lymphoma Society

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, April 6, 2021  6:30 pm


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