Liebe Germania Mitglieder, 

We had a great membership meeting on the 10th and a great movie following. Thank you to every-one who was there. If you weren’t, you are missing out on a lot of information and Gemütlichkeit! 

As you know, we’ve been adding many more events to the calendar this year than in the past. In 2018, we had 34 events, this year, we have 57; and we are still adding more. If you haven’t been to the club lately, it’s time to come on down and see what’s going on: It’s a happening place. 

I do want to put something out there for you to think about. As you know, we typically have a monthly dinner/dance for the membership. This includes an incredible meal at a great price and dancing after dinner. We ask for reservations so that we can determine whether or not to actually have the dinner. (Deb Korting wrote a great article in the last newsletter about minimum require-ments for dinner and why.) Occasionally, we must cancel the dinner for lack of reservations. We hate to do that, because the regulars who attend really enjoy the evening. So we ask ourselves, why are we not getting more people to attend the dinners? Are they worth continuing if it’s such a struggle to get the membership to attend? What can we do to attract more people? I want to hear from you about this – please send me an email about it. 

As a reminder, we will not have a Membership meeting in April, however, we will still have a movie night on April 7th at 4:00 p.m. Free popcorn as usual. 

Mit freundlichen Grüßen, 

Mark W. Pinnick 


Germania hosted the annual Ron O’Brien dinner on Thursday March 14th. A great job was done by Karin and her staff for this event. I want to say thank you to several club members who came to the club Wednesday afternoon to help with the preparation of the potato salad and sauerkraut for the dinner. Many, many thanks goes to Marianne Settele, Eric Chivington, and Stan & Beth Bradley for all the help AND CLEAN UP of the kitchen. 

Deb Korting 


Let us keep the following Germania members in our thoughts and prayers as they deal with their various health issues: Lotte Koennemann; Joe & Vera Motika; Anita & Greg Keith; Joe Wallner; John Hohmann; Thea & Udo Klabunde; Ron Cline; Sue Oskins; and Jane Ott. 

If you know of other members who are experiencing illness please notify this editor at 


Hear ye! Hear ye! Ladies and Gentlemen of the Germania Song und Sports Verein. 

The first German regional (Thüringen) Dinner and Cooking Class were held on February 22 and 23. The dinner consisted of Rot-kraut Wickel, mashed potatoes and a German salad plate of bibb lettuce with whipped dressing, cucumber salad and marinated carrots. Dinner was followed with lemon cake topped with blue-berries and raspberries. 

Everyone enjoyed the dinner, as it was very good, exceptionally 

tasty. We all had a good time talking and laughing together (true Gemütlichkeit). We are looking forward to the next re-gional dinner. Mark will announce the specific region of Germa-ny in this newsletter. 

The next day some of us attended the class to learn the “Technik” as we cut, chopped, minced, weighed, talked, laughed and, of course, worked. We had a most enjoyable morning. Thank you, Mark Pinnick and Deb Korting. 

Submitted by Trudy Garland. 


The ladies continue to practice the music that will be performed at the 63rd National Sängerfest May 17th – May 19th in Peoria, Illi-nois. Non-singers are welcome to attend. Registration for this event has been extended until May 1. If this now means you can go, then call me (614-425-9439) or the chair-man of the men’s chorus … Mike Bals (614-460-1334). The $95.00 registration covers admission to all the concerts and the main dinner on Saturday evening. 

The Damenchor is grateful for those who attended the Germania Mardi Gras. Thank you for your support! The next event hosted by the Damenchor is the annual Schmeck-fest. See page 5 of this newsletter. 

The Damenchor rehearses every Thursday evening in the club re-hearsal hall at 7:30 PM. All are welcome to join us.


The Ladies of the Auxiliary are looking forward to helping eve-ryone begin their Holy Week celebrations with our annual Palm Sunday dinner on April 14. Club doors will open at noon and serving will be from 1:00 PM until 2:30 PM. The menu is Beef Stroganoff with Spetzele or Ham; sides will be salad, roasted cauliflow-er, rolls and butter. As is tradi-tional, dessert will be chocolate mousse, prepared by Beth Brad-ley in memory of past president Helga Leeder. The Trustees have set the price of the Dinner at $16.00 for members and guests. 

See you there! 

Dolores Kneller, President 

Germania Ladies Auxiliary 


Those who have not yet renewed their member-ship for 2019 by the March 31 due date will get a brief telephone call or text from me reminding you that it’s time to pay dues. If you happen to be at the club and want to pay your dues but do not have a form with you, there are forms at the bar. There is a $10 late fee for ALL membership renewals received after April 1, 2019

General membership meetings are held at 3:00 p.m. on the second Sunday of every month this year except April, May and July. Members must attend six meeting during the year to be eligible to vote at the elections in December. 

Parking stickers are currently not available, but hopefully will be soon. I will announce when they arrive. Any changes to your telephone num-ber or email or address should be submitted to me so I can keep our membership list as current as possible. You can reach me by telephone at 614-425-9439, or by email me at Thank you. 

Jane Ott 

Financial Secretary 


Friday, March 22, 2019 – 6:00 p.m. 

This month’s regional dinner is from the Eastern part of 

Nordrhein-Westfalen in the area known as Lippe. 

The specialty Is called Pickert. A simple plate that was fill-ing for the working class, but is now very famous and some-thing everyone must try if they’re in the area. 

The dinner will be limited to 20 people and will cost $20.00 per person, which will include a salad, Pickert (with the trimmings), dessert and one glass of bier or wein. 

Reservations can be made through Sign-up Genius. 


Saturday, March 23, 2019 – 10:00AM 

The Cooking class cost is $10.00 person. It will be limited to 10 people. 

Reservations can be made through Sign-up Genius. 


Sunday, March 31 

Please bring your family and join us for our Spaghetti Dinner. Prepared from scratch by the Men’s Choir. 

Parties of 10 or more call 614-228-9055 by March 25 for reservations


Saturday, April 6 

Mike Farrenkopf Band for Dancing 

(Expect more information later in a Germania Blitz


Sunday, April 7 — 4:00 pm 

Free popcorn! 


Sunday, April 14 

Serving from 1:00 to 2:30 pm 

Menu: Beef Stroganoff with Spetzele or Ham 

Salad, Roasted Cauliflower; Rolls and Butter 

Dessert will be Chocolate Mousse made by 

Beth Bradley in memory of Helga Leeder. 

$16.00 — Members & Guests 

Reservations required by Tuesday, April 9 

Call 614-228-9055 or respond to sign-up Genius 

Hosted by the Ladies Auxiliary 


NEWS: The Germania Airgun Club March inter-club competition is March 16 at Chicago’s German American Cultural Center. Four members of our group are competing. 

COMING AND GOING: The club members are now acquiring vests in the German-American shooting tradition, and we’re trying to obtain added secure space in a gun safe. We now have 4 working air guns for sale — including some pistols. 

UPCOMING: We are planning to have an exhibit table at the upcoming Midwest Airgun Show in Grove City on June 15; we will need volunteers to staff this table. The regular Airgun events at Germania are on the third Thursdays,including March 21 and April 18, each at 7PM. For more information contact 

Breaking News! 

FC Schalke 04, the famous Bundesliga soccer club, has selected the Germania Columbus to host a special Viewing Party on Saturday, April 6 at 9:30am as they take on rivals Eintracht Frankfurt. 

We’ll open our doors early on April 6 @ 9:00am for our members to enjoy a free German-style breakfast, free round when Schalke scores, as well as free Schalke scarves. We’ll also raffle some premium Schalke swag at halftime and intro-duce everyone to Schalke’s amazing mascot Erwin. 

We hope you can join us for this special event. Click on the link below to RSVP for free: Link: 


The second beer committee was held on Friday 3-8. The club was open on a Friday night and we had over 80 persons in attendance. It was an exciting atmosphere. The repre-sentative from Bells Brewery shared 4 of their beers and explained some of the process, ingredients used, and some of the tastes to expect. Pizza was delivered and an impromptu group played guitars for everyone. We had a great opportunity to meet many non mem-bers who came down , some for the first time, to see what our club had to offer. 

Through the generosity of committee member Glen Ruff, we now have raised enough funds to purchase the new larger TV for the bar, in time for the Sat April 6thGerman soccer viewing. Up next will be the purchase of two dart boards. Interested in forming a dart league? 

The next beer committee meeting is scheduled for Friday, April 19. Look for upcoming communication for details. We ex-pect to be sampling and selecting beer for upcoming events and planning a road trip. If you want to be on the beer com-mittee mailing list please forward request to 


Dhuey Cronk 


New day—New time: Saturday, APRIL 27, 2PM – 4PM 

It’s Schmeckfest time again! We sincerely hope that every member can attend this fundraiser and we are asking that every member who is able and can spare the time will join in supporting Schmeckfest. 

This event requires much planning and work. The food for this event is freshly pre-pared by club members (from German recipes, of course) and presented for tasting in our clubhouse. Some preparation is done in our small kitchen, but a lot of coordina-tion is required. 

If you plan to prepare a dish for Schmeckfest, please first check with Jane Ott (614-425-9439) so that we can avoid duplicate offerings. Also, please know that while we serve “small” tastes of each food, if you want to prepare a dish to serve you should plan on preparing over 200 “small” tastes, the exception being desserts. And, we ask that cakes be offered only in sheet form for the ease in cutting them into small pieces. 

As we need members to sign up to help with furnishing and preparing food, we also need help with serving the food. We hope for enough volunteer servers so that each may work only 1 hour. Other duties will be performed before AND after the Schmeckfest, so volunteering for those duties could involve more than 1 hour. Please watch for a signup genius to volunteer

Now for the fun part … pre-sale admissions/donations for the Schmeckfest will be available through online purchase and will cost $15.00. Admissions/donations to the Schmeckfest the day of the event will cost $18.00. (Remember, this is a fundraiser and a good portion of your admission/donation will go to a charity in the German Vil-lage area. 

IMPORTANT— If you are purchasing pre-sale tickets for a group, we ask that you please give us a list of your guests’ names prior to April 27, so that they can be immediately ad-mitted when they arrive. 

So, come for the wonderful food, enjoy the music of the Haus-kapelle and help your club as you can. We hope to see as many members and guests as possible this year! 


On Saturday, March 9, a small but thoughtful group meet to identify barriers to increasing membership. We started with words that de-scribe Germania, which were used to help think of solutions to some of the barriers. In total we came up with over 170 ideas. We only ad-dressed a few of the barriers. W e are just getting started in our drive to 500. At the same time two of our mem-bers were marketing the value of the club to local or-ganizations to help get the word out. Look for a meeting date in an upcoming communication . All of these ideas have been transcribed and are available for review. If you have any questions or comments please contact Dhuey Cronk, 


Old playing cards 

We have successfully used playing cards for our 50:50’s at certain events. This new format is quite fun and has been well received. If you have any decks of cards that are worn out or even missing cards, please bring them in and give to Dave at the bar.